The Roaring Cow.

Tony Warrilow
Jarod Foster touching the light.

Jarod Foster touching the light.

Some one must be looking after me.

There's been some great days shooting for #Edition 2018. Last week the legendary Cow got swinging and whilst I am sure it has been bigger it may never have been prettier. "Best day in years" or so they say.

There were only a couple of tow teams out but not much went to waste. Unridden waves were rare. Even so, from a Warrahwillah point of view, there will be at least one image heading for the new edition.

When I'm out there shooting for Warrahwillah I just can't not shoot the surfing, particularly the big stuff. This is all tow, last time was all paddle. I love it all.

The surfers are Shanan Worrell (Mr Sharkeyes), Jarod Foster, Justin Holland and the Jokovich brothers.