Edition 2018

Tony Warrilow
Road time_DSC0814.jpg

On the road again.

West oz bound.


2018 and I’m back behind the camera with something to say.

The goal is simple, capture around twelve of the best Warrahwillah images to date. You see after eight years of shooting this stuff there’s a knowledge or an understanding of what I need to do and what needs to align to get something truly great.

I live in Margaret River, which in a coastal sense, is very central on the Western Australia coast. So that’s where I am going to shoot. West oz.

And why not? Pound for pound this place packs it. Great swell, a coast with variation and a crispness in the light.

So far this year has been amazing. A chopper shoot, an evening bay and two all time bomboras. It’s only early days. Lets see how the it plays out.

I'd love you with me. Come for the ride. I will be posting regularly on instagram and you can find that @warrahwillahgallery. Want so see the final images. Join the mailing list on this site and once it's all done I will let you know where, when and how.

Out there.