Open Studios 2019

Tony Warrilow
Aerial South.jpg

Ok, we are off and running at Open Studios 2019. Yesterday was the first day. Great numbers through and several items going to new homes. Thanks to all who have come through so far and I look forward to the next 15 days.

Such a great event with so much to see.

Warrahwillah is at

Millers Icecream,

The Milking Shed, 314 Wirring Road
Cowaramup, Western Australia

I look forward to seeing you.


Effort = Reward.…and a real change in philosophy.

Tony Warrilow

The “new” series.


2018/19 was kind capturing what in my eyes are some of the best Warrahwillah images to date. A fair amount of road time but mostly close to home. Definite highlights being bombora sessions from the water and from the air.

I’m excited. Early days but the images just feel good.


The series comes with a strong change in philosophy.

Not so concerned about the number of images, I just want to present the best. If every year I can come up with ten crackers then job done. I actually think ten is beyond what can be expected.


I’m confident with this batch, just so much “wow”. There was plenty of hard work with a balanced mix of disappointment and success. I guess that comes with everything.


Tony W

The Roaring Cow.

Tony Warrilow
Jarod Foster touching the light.

Jarod Foster touching the light.

Some one must be looking after me.

There's been some great days shooting for #Edition 2018. Last week the legendary Cow got swinging and whilst I am sure it has been bigger it may never have been prettier. "Best day in years" or so they say.

There were only a couple of tow teams out but not much went to waste. Unridden waves were rare. Even so, from a Warrahwillah point of view, there will be at least one image heading for the new edition.

When I'm out there shooting for Warrahwillah I just can't not shoot the surfing, particularly the big stuff. This is all tow, last time was all paddle. I love it all.

The surfers are Shanan Worrell (Mr Sharkeyes), Jarod Foster, Justin Holland and the Jokovich brothers.

Beauty and Power

Tony Warrilow
The Big Day_DSC3239.jpg

Tim Winton says it best.

Somewhere about half way through the book "Breath" the main character, Piklet, surfs "Old Smokey" solo. He's been shunned by his mates and stinging with bent pride he takes to the outside bombora on the biggest of days just to to prove he can, you know, to stick it up his mates.

Anyway Tim Winton's description of his first wave in that session says it all. I'm certainly not going to try and out write Tim Winton. If you don't get why surfers ride big waves then read that book or at least that chapter and you will work it out.

But to me there is more than the thrill of the ride from these rare days of magnificence. Scale up the water, the wind and the overall power and I humble (verb) in it's presence. The magnificence spills into the visual.

I'm not swimming it, I don't need to. The ocean brings it to me. You can bet that my heart races all that day. Firstly on the ski or chopper ride to the spot. It's kind of a mix of anticipation and fear. When I'm there and in the mode it's what I see that takes over. It's like a collision of the three V's. Volume, velocity and visual. That's not true physics, it's what I see through my lens.


So right now I reckon I haven't seen the best images of the "Big Day", not from me anyway. And I'm hungry for it.

Come on the Indian, come on Winter let's ramp it up.


Edition 2018

Tony Warrilow
Road time_DSC0814.jpg

On the road again.

West oz bound.


2018 and I’m back behind the camera with something to say.

The goal is simple, capture around twelve of the best Warrahwillah images to date. You see after eight years of shooting this stuff there’s a knowledge or an understanding of what I need to do and what needs to align to get something truly great.

I live in Margaret River, which in a coastal sense, is very central on the Western Australia coast. So that’s where I am going to shoot. West oz.

And why not? Pound for pound this place packs it. Great swell, a coast with variation and a crispness in the light.

So far this year has been amazing. A chopper shoot, an evening bay and two all time bomboras. It’s only early days. Lets see how the it plays out.

I'd love you with me. Come for the ride. I will be posting regularly on instagram and you can find that @warrahwillahgallery. Want so see the final images. Join the mailing list on this site and once it's all done I will let you know where, when and how.

Out there.


Art Prints

Tony Warrilow

$85.00 small price, big impact

Image: Aerial series. Scope.

We produce the smaller size art prints for $85.00. So, for that modest amount, what do you get for your dollars?

Well firstly you get the same images as available in the larger sizes, same look, same fine art paper and the same embossing and signature.

And as a final presentation…..

In some ways the strength of the smaller size is "the size" and that you don’t need a feature wall to present the prints on. This creates plenty of options.

Individually they sit  well or group more than one print and you can get a bit more creative with your presentation. Put them with other Warrahwillah prints or prints from other sources.

As gifts they have all the benefits of being cost effective and once again because of their size you will be giving something that comes with lots of flexibility.

The technical detail.

Warrahwillah prints are produced on Canson Rag Photographique paper. The look of the paper is a smooth and understated allowing the image to be the strength of the presentation. The overall presentation is always sophisticated and typically vibrant.

We send the prints rolled in a protective tube.

Shop for art prints here.


Tony Warrilow

Life twists, life turns.

Early 2018 sees me back in the ocean behind the camera. It must have been 6 months since I seriously did the Warrahwillah thing. Having said that, it was a cracking shoot with several images heading for the collection and gallery.

But 2018 sees me back up the beach at dawn, mostly solo. Late shoot at Bunker a week ago was pretty special too.

I must thank you guys who are still reading my stuff. Your patience and perseverance is so appreciated.

I've really got some great supporters.

The Brewshack coffee house in Margaret River. Wow, you guys are king. I'm sure I would have folded a couple of times by now if "the shack" hadn't kept my stuff on display. Just that little bit of momentum means everything.

Salli at Margaret River Gallery who always champions my work (and all of her artists) despite my complete lack of commitment to any predetermined schedule.

Ravens in Denmark, BlackSheep in Cowaramup both great coffee houses but also showing the Warrahwillah.

Most importantly though are you guys who just love the images and show so with social media touches and random comments in the street.

And whats more, there is a consistent trickle of punters that choose to buy Warrahwillah prints. I love that. It's not just the money, it's that you love what I love.

So much thanks to all. Thanks.

That's it.

Tony W